Back to School Newsletter

Sat, Jul 25, 2015

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Friends of Herron High School,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! We have spent the summer months setting goals, planning and preparing for the start of classes and completing important maintenance projects around the school. We are so eager to have all our students back on campus and making the very best of their educational opportunities. We look forward to meeting our new families and welcoming them to our very special community.

I know I say this every year, but this time of year is really so special to me. I love seeing store displays of school supplies and I feel excited to think of all the new possibilities and challenges a new school year brings. It is not only the knowledge that will be gained; it is the new friendships that will be made and the personal growth every student will experience. The high school years are developmentally important in so many ways. Sometimes the path to personal growth becomes rocky and obscure. It’s important that our teens understand that we are here to support them, and to help them set goals and make the kinds of choices that will lead them to achieve those goals.

It is a good time for parents to set new goals as well. It is more important than ever to be engaged in your student’s academic and social life as they begin the transition to adulthood. At Herron High School, we make it easy for you to help your student track academic progress and stay on top of assignments through PowerSchool and class Haiku pages. Parents will learn more about these at our parent orientation events. I hope all our families set a goal to make a weekly check of their student’s academic progress and to express ongoing interest in their student’s expectations and experiences during the important high school years.

Another way parents can be engaged is to volunteer with the various opportunities throughout the school year. These opportunities will be shared in our weekly newsletter, but if you have a special talent or interest you’d like to share please don’t hesitate to contact a staff member to see if there is an avenue for you to participate.

There is a great deal of important information in this back-to-school edition of our newsletter, including our annual federally required notices, traffic flow and carpool directions and parent information nights. Please read it carefully! One important thing to note is that we are returning this year to our old policy requiring students to wear their student I.D.s on a lanyard. This is a safety issue and is designed to help protect our students while on campus. Students are not permitted to alter, deface or decorate the student I.D. card in any way. It is very important that every student stops by the school on Monday, August 10 to pick up their schedule, have their school portrait taken and have their student I.D. made.

Finally, I want to thank all our families for choosing Herron High School. We have a remarkable school culture that is based on trust and respect: where diversity is cherished and celebrated, and where students will embark on a process of self discovery and learning in a safe and welcoming environment.

All my best,

Janet H. McNeal, Head of School

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