Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Friends of Herron High School,

I want to offer a piece of much needed good news:   If you are already weary of listening to the loud and angry political voices during this election year, I can offer you a great deal of hope for the future of our community.

One of Herron High School’s Core Values reads as follows: 


Demonstrated by:

  1. A community of learners in which trust comes first
  2. An understanding and respect for authority
  3. Teachers sharing with scholars their love for their subjects and ideas
  4. Scholars viewed as meaningful contributors, not products to be processed
  5. A high value placed on collaboration
  6. Investment in professional development

Each school day, our teachers and students engage in discussions that are rich in content, respectful, and civil. Students are learning to defend their ideas with credible research and express themselves in persuasive language that is not inflammatory.  Teachers guide students to work with one another and to respect the ideas that others bring forth.

Perhaps one of the reasons that people resort to violence is that words have lost their meaning. So many folks who have the attention of the media speak in hyperboles, angry voices, and launch ideas that are not based on facts. At Herron High School, our core values call for us to share ideas and information by using thoughtful language that is void of rancor or disrespect.

When our students are interviewed for college admission or scholarships, we receive affirmative feedback that our students are eloquent and share insightful ideas. I am regularly impressed when I listen to student conversations as they pass from class to class. Their respect for one another is evident in their tone of voice and body language.  I hope that you have experienced these great moments as you have dinner or car-pool conversations with your students.

I am so proud to be a part of a school that has the ability to help shape the future discourse that will occur in our society. Let’s keep encouraging our students and our teachers that words are important, and that speaking to one another with respect and integrity is a necessary component in achieving a civil society.

Warm Regards,

Janet H. McNeal, Head of School

Complete newsletter here: 2.6.2016 HHS