Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Friends of Herron High School,

I want to congratulate our talented students for an amazing week of performances. From the theatre production of Little Women to the jazz concert in the Gallery, we’ve had a remarkable series of performing arts events. Our choirs were joined by our orchestra to perform their annual Holiday Musicale to a packed house at the Arts Garden. I want to offer special thanks to Jonathan Harris, Melinda Riley and Scott Riley for their dedication to excellence. At a time when other schools are dealing with difficult budgets by cutting arts programming, we remain fully committed to helping students explore, develop and showcase their creativity.

Final exams begin on Monday; therefore, quarter 2 assignment remediation and Late Passes have now expired.  Students will participate in a two-hour exam session in the morning followed by lunch and then a two-hour exam session in the afternoon. Students must arrive to each class period on time.

Final Exams count as 15% of the semester grade, and passing the final is a pre-requisite for any end-of-course remediation (see Course Remediation information below). Planned, thorough studying is essential for students as they prepare to do as well as possible on these tests. Students are not required to attend their Seminar period; however, they have the option to use that time to study. Classes dismiss at 1:45 each day. Please remember that there will be no 5th Period during Final Exam week. Friday, December 18th is exam makeup day. Students needing to make up a missed exam must contact their teacher to make arrangements.

Please help your student approach finals week with plenty of rest, good nutrition and organized notes and study guides.  Make sure your student understands that exams are an opportunity for the students to demonstrate what they know.  Finding a way to manage the stress of finals is essential to success in college.  We have an opportunity while our students are in high school to teach them these skills.

When my own children faced their high school finals week, they were only allowed to attend school events and church during the weekend prior.  We arranged for an extremely quiet Sunday afternoon. I urge all families, if possible, to arrange for a quiet weekend.  I also suggest that parents collect students’ cell phones at bedtime.  Giving these young brains time to rest is essential in relieving stress and approaching the exams with a clear mind.

Let’s help our students have a great week.  The holidays will arrive very soon.

All my best,

Janet H. McNeal, Head of School

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