Dear Herron High School Families,

After an extended absence to care for my mother during her illness and passing, I have resumed my responsibilities as Director of Student Accountability. Thank you for your support and kind thoughts during my time away. Mr. Emanuel Harper, Director of Academic Accountability, graciously stepped in during my extended absence. Mr. Harper and I will work together as we move forward into the new semester. You can reach us at and by phone at (317) 231-0010, extension 1112.

Next week, students will be preparing for final exams.  For freshmen, final exams are a new experience that can be both an affirmation of their work as well as a source of apprehension. For seniors, first semester finals take on a significant importance as our seniors continue to submit their college applications and apply for scholarships.  No matter the grade level, the Office of Student Accountability helps to maintain the routines students need to successfully navigate through each semester.

Consistent expectations remove doubt and develop a safe space for learning. Our Universal Behavior Policies help us to create a safe and comfortable environment. Our students know what behavior is expected.  Clear and consistent expectations provide students with the opportunity to focus on learning. With this in mind, we are committed to helping students abide by the policies and procedures that have created our successful environment.  Our policies are carefully considered and are vetted through the lens of Herron High School’s mission and Core Values.

As we complete this first semester and prepare for our second semester, it is necessary to remind our students and their families of some important policies. Here are some highlights to help students avoid log entries and to maintain their focus in the classroom:

  • Non-HHS outerwear (jackets, gloves, and hats) can be worn during passing periods only. The student must remove outerwear and place it on the back of the chair when they arrive in the classroom.
  • Skorts and shorts must be knee length. For clarity, the skort or short must touch the kneecap when the student is standing. Beginning second semester, students who do not meet this requirement will be outfitted at the bookstore, and each occurrence of their lack of adherence to our uniform policy will be logged.
  • Headwear must be aligned with a religious tenet or medical need. The one exception is a headband that does not exceed one inch in width. Bandanas, scarves, and other non-religious head coverings are not permitted.
  • Socks and leggings must be of one, solid color: black, gray, or white. (Patterned socks or leggings are not allowed).
  • Pants cannot be tucked into boots.

The Student Accountability Office will continue to hold Herron High School students accountable. For further information regarding our Universal Behavior Policies, discipline procedures and uniform policies, please visit our website and click on the parent/student handbook.

To assist our students in preparation for each day, students may visit our bookstore to borrow or purchase uniform items, secure a new ID, purchase a bus pass, or a clear backpack.  The bookstore hours are listed later in this newsletter.

If your student needs new uniform items (they are great holiday gifts!), Schoolbelles is having a huge winter sale. Follow this link if you wish to purchase new uniform items, and see the sale information at the end of this newsletter.  As always, if your family is unable to financially provide your student’s uniform, please notify our Director of Student Life, Atticus Westerfeld.

I wish you and your families the very best.


Amelia Torres, Director of Student Accountability

Complete newsletter here: 12-3-2016-hhs