Each year Herron High School’s graduating class chooses a special gift for the school. The students must work together through their years at the school to raise the funds to provide the gift. The project unites the students in a common cause and allows them to mark their time as a member of the Herron community. Working toward this goal, the Class of 2016 has chosen to raise funds by selling flowers and ferns just in time for Mother’s Day.

This year, the plant sales will coincide with the two Saturday School Days on May 3 and May 10, as well as the volunteer driven campus clean-up and gardening events. Please help support this project by purchasing bedding plants, Boston Ferns and flowering baskets from a Herron High School student.

Don’t want to purchase any flowers but want to support the students? Donations for the project are gratefully accepted. Please indicate your desire by noting “Class of 2016” on your check.

ORDER FORM HERE: Class of 2016 Flower Sale selection and order form