Newsletter for April 11. 2015

Sun, Apr 12, 2015

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Friends of Herron High School,

This is such a busy time for schools. We are gearing up for testing season, prom, helping students who are suffering for that age-old ailment called Spring Fever, planning and registering for Summer Academe, planning graduation, scheduling in-coming 9th graders for their classes, and registering and counseling our current students about their next year’s schedules.  Whew! The list is daunting.

Did I fail to mention how much we love it! Just as spring is a season of hope and renewal, we find the challenge of spring invigorating and inspiring. This Saturday, April 18, is one of my favorite days of the year. It is Scheduling Saturday for our in-coming 9th graders. It is a time when we get to meet with our new students and set them on their high school academic journey.

We are, once again, planning a rich and rigorous Summer Academe. We are offering remedial courses that we are requiring students to take as well as courses that will allow our students to get ahead and clear spaces in their school-year scheduling for more electives and internships (seniors only). Summer Academe is a partnership between Herron High School and The Harrison Center for the Arts. All courses are infused with an art element. We find that attending school in the summer is much more palatable to our students when they can learn their course subject material through an artistic lens.

During late April and the month of May, we will be administering Acuity tests, NWEA tests, ECA exams, and AP exams. All of these tests are important! The NWEA test is an indicator as to how much our students have grown academically in their reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics.  The ECA exams are a state requirement for graduation. The ECA tests students after they complete Algebra I and 10th Grade English Language Arts. The AP exams will allow students who have been enrolled in an AP course this year to earn college credit.

In order to help students prepare for the ECA and AP exams, we are holding mandatory Saturday classes. If your student is taking one of these exams, please check the schedule in this newsletter to determine when your student will need to attend.

How can you help us get through this busy and exciting season? Please help keep your student focused. School isn’t over until the last day. Students may have more work to do at home as they prepare for their tests, projects and course finals. Please help your students review their course materials. The days are longer now, and it stays light until after 8:00 p.m. Nevertheless, please make sure your student gets a good night’s sleep (One way to help our students have a good night’s sleep is to ask them to turn over their cell phones or give their phones to you at bedtime.)

Also, please check your students’ grades in PowerSchool, and stay in close communication with your students’ teachers. Let’s work together to allow our students the success they deserve.

All my best,

Janet H. McNeal

Head of School

Complete newsletter here: 4.11.2015 HHS