Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Friends of Herron High School,

Each day we strive to live out our Core Values.  Herron High School’s Core Values are frequent points of discussion in our classrooms and in our weekly professional development.  When we describe our school to community leaders, our Core Values are at the core of each of those discussions.

One of our Core Values states: “Herron High School Engages in an Urban Community.” This engagement takes many forms: promoting the interweaving of family, school, and city and broadening of worldview; the school community identifying its role at Herron High School in the larger urban context; fostering meaningful connection to local and cultural resources, and a valuing of diversity.

This year, one of the ways Herron High School is living out this value is by our participation in our city’s Spirit and Place Festival. Herron High School students, alumni, and special guests collaborated to deliver a musical performance entitled Wilderness to World Class City.  The performance traces the story of Indianapolis from our city’s frontier days to our place on the national stage in 2014. The first performance was presented at the Athenaeum, and it was enthusiastically enjoyed by a full house of community leaders and residents as well as proud parents and grandparents.

This performance exemplified our Core Value of urban engagement on every level in a very meaningful way. It also brought knowledge of Herron High School to a whole new audience. In many ways, participation in this city-wide festival truly defines our school’s mission. It was a very proud moment for me – on so many levels. If you were not able to attend the Spirit and Place performance, you still have a chance to see the performance this weekend at our school – performance details are included in this newsletter.

We believe that community engagement is crucial in our students’ journeys to become world class citizens. Whether through a community service project such as volunteering at the upcoming International Festival, participating in an internship, donating goods for charity drives, serving meals in a soup kitchen or taking the stage to share their talents, Herron High School students benefit by community engagement. Equally important, our community is enriched by our students’ contributions.

We are fortunate to be located in such a wonderful city that has so much to offer, and we are so thankful for our talented and caring student body who are so willing to give back to their community. I encourage all of our families and friends to attend Wilderness to World Class City this weekend.

All my best,

Janet H. McNeal, Head of School

Complete newsletter here: 11.15.2014 HHS