Newsletter for April 19, 2014

Sun, Apr 20, 2014

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Friends of Herron High School,

Last week marked the end of the 3rd quarter, and I want to thank our teachers for the hard work they’ve done to prepare students to complete Benchmark Exams. I am certain they are devoting much of their holiday weekend grading the assessments in order to post quarterly grades by Tuesday’s deadline. Benchmark results will provide students with an accurate perspective on their strengths and weaknesses in all content areas. Students should use these results to identify where they need to focus more effort as they begin the final quarter of the school year.

Third quarter grade reports will be mailed home next week. If your student has a final grade of NG they will be required to attend special remediation sessions. To provide the needed academic support these students need, we are having two Saturday School days in May. The first is May 3 and the second is May 10. Students who are preparing for the high stakes AP exams or who will be taking the ECA exams must also attend.

May’s Saturday School sessions will be from 9:00am to 2:30pm and will feature targeted instruction for the following:

  • ·         AP Review Sessions
  • ·         ECA Preparation Sessions
  • ·         Academic Support for students who have NGs on their 3rd Quarter Grade Reports

For students with NGs, attendance will be required according to the following schedule, however, ECA and AP preparation will take precedence over NG support:

  • Any student with 1 or more NGs on their 3rd quarter grade report must attend both of the NG support sessions on May 3rd.   ECA preparation and AP Review sessions will take precedence if there is a scheduling conflict.
  •  Any student with 3 or more NGs on their 3rd quarter grade report must also attend both of the NG support sessions on May 10th.   ECA preparation and AP Review sessions will take precedence.

Students who are not taking Advance Placement or ECA exams AND have no NGs at the end of 3rd quarter are not required to attend Saturday Schools. Your student’s advisor will provide him/her with the required schedule for Saturday School. Please plan your family weekends accordingly.

The May Saturday School days will also feature a volunteer opportunity for parents, as well as an opportunity to participate in a Mother’s Day Plant Sale fundraiser. Volunteers are needed to help with landscaping and planting flowers. Family volunteers will help with weeding, raking, pruning, and mulching the grounds on May 3. On May 10, we will be planting flowers in our outdoor containers. Please contact our parent Volunteer Coordinator, Pam Black, to help show your pride in our beautiful campus! Donations of garden tools and potting soil would be much appreciated!

The Mother’s Day Plant Sale will feature Boston Ferns on May 3 and on May 10 our students will be selling trays, pots and baskets of the most popular flowers.  An order form can be downloaded from our website. Please feel free to share an order form with friends and neighbors.


Janet H. McNeal, Head of School

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