Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Friends of Herron High School,

This is a particularly exciting time for our seniors and their families as acceptances continue to come in. They are faced with important choices as they consider the next step in their academic career. This includes careful planning and preparation for scholarships and financial aid. Our Advisory staff has been actively engaged in helping families navigate the sometimes bewildering process, including planning for the upcoming FAFSA help night on February 12th.

The season of college acceptances is a particularly rewarding time for all of us at Herron High School. We have the privilege of seeing our efforts to guide each student toward fulfillment of their highest academic potential bearing fruit. Each acceptance letter marks a victory for students and faculty alike, and the excitement will continue to build all spring.

Herron High School is a college preparatory school.  Families choose a Herron High School education to allow their student to reach his/her fullest potential and compete effectively for college admission and scholarship dollars.  This focus on preparing students for post-secondary opportunities at colleges and universities begins the moment a student enters our doors.

It is vital that students and their families understand that every semester counts. When admissions officials review high school transcripts, they are looking at the complete academic history of that student. Having a poor semester or two is not necessarily a barrier to college acceptance provided that student has demonstrated a clear effort to improve and overcome academic obstacles. We provide many avenues to support struggling students; however, it is essential that parents work in partnership with the school.

Studies have shown that parental participation in a student’s academic career is essential for success. If you student is earning B’s but is capable of achieving A’s, please encourage him/her to work for those A’s by showing support through ongoing conversations at home. Remind your student that good study habits and organization will make a significant difference in their futures.

Offer frequent encouragement and remind them of the following habits are crucial: active participation in class, regular attendance, organization of assignments, effective use of Seminar time, and attending Office Hours when extra support is needed. Work together with your student by checking Haiku and PowerSchool on a regular basis. The effort will pay off in future scholarship dollars for colleges and universities.

Finally, there are families who will want to begin planning around Summer Academe sessions after receiving Semester I grades. For some students, Summer Academe will be required as part of our Remediation Policy. Information on summer classes will be available later in the semester; however, the 2015 dates have been set: Session I of Summer Academe is June 9-26 and Session II is July 13-29. Please watch for more Summer Academe information soon.

All my best,

Janet H. McNeal,  Head of School

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