All Herron High School students are assigned an academic advisor.  This advisor will assist students in developing a four-year academic plan and choosing appropriate courses as well as advising them on daily academic issues that arise.

Academic Advisors

9th Grade: Alison Hundt
10th Grade: Andrew Smeathers
11th Grade: Shelby Blasingame
12th Grade: Brian Catt
For recent academic advising news, please visit:

College Advising

For more information about college advising, please contact:

Brian Catt, Director of College Advising

Jane Hagenauer, Registrar / Advising Coordinator

Forms and Information

Click Here to View a List of Current College Scholarship Opportunities

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Click Here to Download the Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Click Here for 2016-2017 Profile for College

Click Here for the Senior Parent College Night PowerPoint September 22, 2016

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