Herron High School & Riverside High School Parent Support Team (PST)

Embracing the Indianapolis Classical Schools’ Core Values and Mission:

  • Continuing to build a strong community of HHS & RHS parent/guardian supporters to:
    • Developing and ensuring ongoing communication between students, parents and community with HHS & RHS
    • Encourage and increase active parent involvement and support in school and fundraising activities
    • Assist and support fellow parents by building a strong support system
    • Develop and lead efforts that create a lifelong affinity for HHS and RHS

The HHS/RHS community – creating an environment where parents and guardians feel embraced by the school culture and who lead activities that build relationships – not just attend events.

  • Opportunities:
    • Build a strong team of reliable parent volunteer leaders to:
      • Create/host opportunities for parents/guardians to interact and form bonds by planning and implementing (a few ideas):
        • New Parent Ice Cream Social
        • Alumni Parent Trivia Night (Fundraising/Social)
        • Phone Brigade (Advocacy/Culture)
        • HHS/RHS Parent Potluck (Social)
        • Parent Bash Planning Committee (Social/Fundraising)
        • Teacher Appreciation Week (Culture)
      • Opportunities to learn more about your student’s education and gain meaningful information and skills for parents to help educate their student beyond the classroom.
        • Parent Info Sessions (the following are examples of what could be…)
          • How to help your student prep for ISTEP or SAT, etc.
          • How to help your children be successful through High School
          • How to help your children apply for scholarships and FAFSA
        • Parents will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other current Herron/Riverside parents and Herron Alum parents to create a parent support group
      • Leadership:
        • We are looking for parents/guardians that are POSITIVE Mentors and Leaders that really want to help and get involved.

      To join the Parent Support Team or for more information, contact Azia Watts, Community Relations  Coordinator/Parent Outreach Coordinator at awatts@herronhighschool.org  or at 317-231-0010 ext 2129