Technology at Herron High School

Herron High School parents learn about the launch of the 1:1 Tablet Computer Initiative

History of the One-to-One Technology Initiative

In November of 2012, Herron High School implemented a One-to-One Technology initiative. This initiative was carefully designed, and was funded in large part by an Indiana Department of Education Innovation Grant. The grant allowed us to provide every Herron High School student with a tablet computer for school and home use. As a result of this initiative, teachers created plans that included use of these tablets. We were hopeful that the use of this technology would further prepare our students for college and enhance their learning, and have been pleased with the results. Use of technology has better prepared our students for college and life in the digital age.

However, as so many schools and districts (local and national) will attest, committing to ensure our students are prepared for digital citizenship is a very costly enterprise. This is a fact that Herron High School knew when it applied for the 2-year 2012 Innovation Grant. The first half of the grant was issued in 2012 and we were assured that the second half of the grant was “in the bag” once we submitted our second application for the second year. However, that was not the case. Also, while we had built in a loss and breakage amount in our projections, the number of lost, stolen and broken tablets far exceeded our projections as well as state and national averages.

Even with successes and disappointments of the 2012-13 One-to-One Technology Initiative, Herron High School is a school that continually strives for improvement. Parent feedback regarding ways to strengthen and support the initiative has been invited and carefully considered throughout. We appreciate the parents who sent thoughts and concerns.

New Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy

It is for these reasons that Herron High School is introducing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) component to our technology policy. Students will be permitted to bring and use their own personal tablet or laptop computer at school. Appropriate devices need to have internet capability, an e-reader, word processing, and file storage. Students who bring their own devices will benefit by developing a familiarity with their own device which, with proper care, could be taken to college in the future. Please know that this BYOD does not include smartphones.

All students are encouraged to discuss technology needs with their families. During the first days of school, we will be taking a survey in our advisory classrooms to determine how many students will be brining their own technology device. The combination of Herron’s existing resources and student-provided devices wll help Herron High School follow the model of progressive schools and districts across the nation.

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2012-13 Download the Herron High School Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) here.