Herron High School Parking Lot Traffic Flow


There are two traffic flow lines in and out of campus for drop-off and pick-up. To determine which line to use, find out where your child’s locker is located. If you have two children at Herron High School, use the youngest child’s locker location.

LINE #1: If your child’s locker is in Russell Hall (the building closest to 16th street) follow these directions:

1.   Drive south on Pennsylvania Street; turn left into the Russell Hall parking lot.

2.   Choose one of THREE lanes:

a.    Two inside lanes for pick up and drop off

b.   Outside north lane for through-traffic only


3.   Drop-off/Pick-up your student(s) at the doors of Russell Hall

4.   Exit left (north) on Talbott only.

5.   Proceed north to 19th or 22nd streets for quickest exit of neighborhood.


LINE #2: If your child’s locker is in the Fesler (the building farthest north) or Main buildings  follow these directions:

1.   Drive south on Talbott; turn right into the Fesler parking lot first entrance only.

2.   Approach the building using two lanes, please follow the cones and traffic flow.

3.   Drop-off/Pick-up your student(s) at the doors of the Fesler building.

4.   Exit left (north) onto Talbott Street.

There are NO RIGHT (SOUTH) TURNS onto Talbott Street from EITHER parking lot.

DOs and DONTs of traffic flow.


1.   Be patient.

2.   Respect and obey traffic guards (often your child’s teacher).

3.   Drive slowly and carefully to keep our students safe.

4.   Approach Herron High School from the NORTH on Pennsylvania or Talbott.

5.   Always use the standard flow of traffic as described above.


1.   Please don’t ever drop-off or pick-up your child on Pennsylvania or Talbott Streets.

2.   Especially don’t park and wait in the non-parking lanes on Talbott or Pennsylvania Streets, IMPD will ticket you.

3.   Please don’t speed down Pennsylvania. IMPD frequently uses speed radar and issues tickets.

4.   Do not enter Talbott Street from the South

5.   Please don’t lose your patience. We will direct and move cars as safely and efficiently as possible.


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