Sports and Clubs 2013-14

All Sports are IHSAA sanctioned, unless listed as a club. For specific sports news and information, visit the Athletics Page

Baseball Club

Basketball (Boys); Coach Scott Adams

Basketball (Girls); Coach Arin Thompson

Cheerleading; Coach Jasmine Beck

Cross Country (Co-Ed); Coach Dave Pappas

Lacrosse (Boys) TBD – Contact Joanna Wiggins at

Lacrosse (Girls); Coach Atticus Westerfeld

Soccer (Boys); Coach Mike Xanders

Soccer (Girls); Coach Kalin Atkin

Softball Club: Coach  Brian Carney

Swimming Club (Co-Ed); Coach Wendi  Edwards

Tennis Club; Contact Joanna Wiggins at

Track & Field (Co-Ed); Coach Sylvia Rivers

Volleyball; Coach Tina McBride

A Capella Club – Tuesday PM;  232M; Sponsor: Mr. Scott Riley

A Capella Club is a group of singers and beat boxers who gather to explore the exciting world of A Capella music.  The groups sing recent popular music without the assistance of background instruments.  Inspiration is taken from the diverse world of a capella singing, including:  The Sing Off (TV Show), Pantatonix, Straight No Chaser (IU), and many other successful a capella groups.  Student with varied interests are encouraged to attend.

Achaean 80 –Thursday AM; 216; Sponsor – Mr. Kendall Price

Demonstrates effective student leadership, academic success, and community and student involvement.  Voice of the student body and meets with Administration and Staff.  20 Students are selected from each grade level. Application and recommendations are needed to apply.

Awareness Committee; Sponsor – Mr. Kendall Price

Students work together to research and raise awareness for the student body, through presentations, power point and advertisement during school advisories.  HIV, Drug and Alcohol addiction, cancer and diabetes are just a few of the topics that are covered.

Book Club; Sponsor – Mrs. Melissa Medinger

Students will have the opportunity to explore literature through dialogue and food consumption.  Students will have the ability to introduce their peers to what they are reading and discover the joy of previously unknown authors.

Bullying Prevention Team; Sponsor – Mrs. Katie Dorsey

A group of leaders committed to educating others about the realities of bullying and harassment and working to end all forms of bullying in the school.

Center for Leadership Development (CLD); Sponsor –  Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Staff

To foster the advancement of minority youth as future professional, business and community leaders by providing experiences that encourage personal development and educational growth.  Not a Herron High School club but a community partner.

Chemistry Club; Sponsor –  Mrs. Laura Cummings

Chemistry Club will be an opportunity to explore topics that are not studied in sophomore chemistry and AP chemistry.  We will do some laboratory experiments, have guest speakers (a forensic scientist, a geologist, and a radiologist have agreed to speak) and practice problem solving for an American Chemical Society chemistry competition that is held in April.  Students may join throughout the year!

Creative Writing; Sponsor – Mr. Dave Pappas

Work to publish a collection of creative writing produced by Herron students.

Film Club; Sponsors – Mr. Brandon Casburn & Mr. Zach Fuhrman

The Film Club is designed to give students the experience of the entire movie process.  The club will be watching, discussing and making films.  This includes creating and writing a story and script; developing sets, props, and costumes; creating special effects; operating the video camera, directing and acting.

French Club; Sponsor – Mr. Emanuel Harper

Experience French in all its machinations – food, music, culture, slang and travel!

Gamers Club; Sponsor – Mrs. Katherine Castro

Concentration, superior intellect, and strategy.  Students will combine, compete in board games and develop video games.  Chess and others games will be played at high levels.

Girls Empowerment Group – Thursday PM: Ms. Johnson

To engage positive and personal growth, self-esteem, and character development among young ladies.  To inspire and affect change within them, peers, school and have a great impact within the community.

Guitar Club – Monday PM;

Students engage in various techniques of playing acoustic and electric guitar and put on a show once a semester.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance); Sponsor – Mr. Emanuel Harper

To promote fairness and equity for the students of our school and our community.  GSA offers students the chance to encourage tolerance, both within LGBT community and beyond.

Hiking and Camping Club – Mondays PM – Marott Park (5:00-6:00) and Wednesday PM -236 Ms. Alison Hundt & Mr. Atticus Westerfeld

The Hiking and Camping Club is a group of Herron students and teachers who enjoy the outdoors.  Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing, and anything outdoors!  Whether you like short hikes in parks around the city or want extended adventures outdoors, this club is for you!

International Club – Monday PM – Gallery; Sponsors  Ms. Robin Knop  & Ms. Jordyn Ward

Experience GLOBAL Indianapolis through cultural enrichment.

Japanese Club – Thursday PM – 202; Sponsor – Mrs. Jacqueline Norris

Japanese Club seeks to study the language, writing and culture of Japan.

Junior Classical League – Latin Club – Monday PM – 213; Sponsors – Ms. Becki Bush & Mr. Alex Roberts

Study the language and culture in more depth, with an opportunity for competition (NJCL).

Math Club – Thursday PM; Sponsors – Mr. Nick  Murray-Vachon & Ms. Jillian Paulen Have fun and challenge yourself working on math problems in relaxed environment. Board races, working in pairs and even teams. In the spring, students compete at Butler University in the Indiana Council of Math Teachers competition.

Men’s Empowerment Group Tuesday  AM – 216; Sponsors – Mr. Jonathan Harris & Mr. Kendall Price

To engage positive personal growth and development.   To foster self-confidence and control directed towards positive growth.  To aid members in defining positive aspects of their identity. To guide members to positive choices that will raise their social status and to create leaders who will impact their community positively.

Metalsmith Club – Thursday PM -204; Sponsor – Ms. Kristine Bradley

Details coming soon.

Model UN – Wednesday PM; Mr. Malcolm Gilchrist & Mr. Carroll Bilbrey

Students will step into the shoes of ambassadors from various nations to debate current global issues. Student delegates prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, and resolve conflicts all in the interest of mobilizing “international corporation” to resolve problems that affect almost every country on Earth.

National Honor Society – Tuesday AM – Lyceum; Sponsors – Ms. Elizabeth Bercovitz & Ms. Rachelle Klinger

Established to recognized outstanding high school students.  NHS honors those students who demonstrate strong academics, leadership, service and character.

Peer Tutoring – Monday – Thursday AM/PM (All Subject areas);  Sponsors – Ms. Rachelle Klinger & Ms. Elizabeth Bercovitz

Student to Student reinforcing study skills, time management, note-taking, and testing strategies to assist them and prepare them for academic success.

Photography Club

Photo shoot, develop, and discuss prints and photographs.

Philanthropy Club; Sponsor – Dr. Deborah Cooney

The sharing of time, talent and treasure for the benefit of others.

Prom Committee; Sponsors Mrs. Katherine Castro & Mr. Kendall Price & Mrs. Melissa Medinger 

Juniors & Seniors work on fundraising, event planning, and decorating for Prom.

Real World Change Club; Sponsors – Mr. Ken Isgar & Ms. Christina Lear

The focus of Real World Change challenges and transforms the idea of community service.  Students in Real World Change are about three things:  they become informed on issues that burden them; they become aware of how those issues impact Indianapolis specifically; and they invest their lives to make a difference. RWC students move from activities like watching documentaries on major global problems, discovering where those problems exist in Indianapolis, to finally volunteer their time with non-profits that need help.

Robotics Club; Sponsors – Mr. Zach Furman, Ms. Lyndsey Mason and Mrs. Donna Stall

Students participate in the construction, testing, refinement and programming of competition level – robots.  Whether you enjoy piloting a robot through an obstacle course, or writing a program that lets it self-navigate, there’s something in this club for you! Come and take part in the future of Herron’s Robotics Club!

Songwriters Guild – Tuesday PM -020; Sponsor – Mr. Adrian Pumphrey

A community of singer-songwriters, poets, musicians and producers who want to become better at their art.  We will meet weekly to write songs, perform our latest work and prepare for performances throughout the year.  We will also be taking our best songs and compiling an album to be released later in the year.  This club is  also open to budding producers who would like to know how to use computers to record and create original music.

Spanish Club; Sponsor – Mr. Craig Meister

Spanish Club is a student lead initiative to integrate Spanish language, culture, and people in order for us to more effectively learn and use the Spanish language, eat authentic foods, offer service to the Spanish speaking community, promote travel, and participate in Hispanic and Latino culture through music and dance.

Spirit Club

Students will learn different chants, cheers, select the “Achaean” mascot and promote school spirit at athletic events, and activities at Herron High School.