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Intentional Diversity

Herron High School is diverse-by-design and celebrates diversity among its students in many forms. We strive to maintain a safe environment where students are free to be themselves. Our diverse student populations promotes friendships among students from different backgrounds and uniquely prepares students for success in a global society.

Our intentional diversity has created a unique environment that allows students to thrive as scholars and as individuals. The quotes below are individual student perspectives on Herron High School’s diversity:


“Attending Herron High School has exposed me to all sorts of different people and cultures. I know more about what is going on in the world. Meeting people who are completely different than me has helped me find out who I really am, and to learn what is unique about me.”

“Herron High School has changed my outlook on the world. It has taught me that different types of people can learn together and be friends. My classmates are all really different. I am friends with really poor kids and with kids from the suburbs, and there’s lots of culture at Herron. I am so lucky to be here.”

“This school is a good fit for me because of the diversity. I actually feel I can be myself and feel accepted due to the many different backgrounds of my classmates. The diversity and different types of people I have met has given me a richer outlook. Herron High School not only challenges my mind, it challenges my heart.”

“My fellow students are a mixture of every color in my color pencil box. It’s like we are all one piece of a huge puzzle and we all fit perfectly together in our own spot. It makes me want to stay even after the school day has finished.”

“Herron High School has changed my life in a lot of ways most people haven’t seen. Coming from a predominately black school I saw only one side of the race, but here you see not only different races but different religions and beliefs, and from that I can take away a better understanding of the world.”

“At Herron, everybody is special and unique, and there isn’t much peer pressure because everyone is so different. Herron has really broadened my view on the world. It’s been incredible meeting such unique individuals. It has been a perfect fit for my family.”