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Graduation Pathway Requirements

Graduation pathways seek to ensure that every Hoosier student graduates from high school with 1) a broad awareness of and engagement with individual career interests and associated career options, 2) a strong foundation of academic and technical skills, and 3) demonstrable employability skills that lead directly to meaningful opportunities for postsecondary education, training, and gainful employment. Students must satisfy all three of the following Graduation Pathway Requirements.

Graduation Pathway Requirement 1:  High School Diploma

Earn a Core 40 or Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma

Diploma Requirements 

Graduation Pathway Requirement 2:  Employability Skills

It is REQUIRED by the state of Indiana that each student complete this step and submit the appropriate documentation prior to graduation. Students CANNOT earn a diploma without completing this step.

Use the included forms to document your involvement in one of three areas:

  • Athletic Participation

  • Club Participation OR outside extracurricular activities (i.e. Girl Scouts)

  • Work-Based Experience

What is required for participation to be counted in meeting the Employability Skills requirements for Graduation?

For participation to be counted as meeting the Employability Skills requirement for the Graduation Pathway Plan, the student must be Meanfully Engaged in the activity not just participating in the activity.  The student must own the experience, which can be demonstrated through planning, organizing, implementing, participating and evaluating the activities or events of his or her participation over a sustained period of time.

When can a student fulfill these requirements and submit documentation?

At any point during the student’s high school career the student may complete this step and submit the appropriate documentation (the earlier the better!). The student must submit experiences from their time in high school (students cannot submit activities from middle school), and all documentation must be complete and verified prior to the student earning a high school diploma.

Directions for students:

  1. Select the appropriate form for the activity being used (see links below).

    1. Students may choose to complete this form electronically or hard-copy. Forms can be found online and outside the school counseling office.

  2. Complete the top section with your information.

  3. Give this document to your adult supervisor, coach, or club sponsor. This person will complete the rating scale embedded in the document.

  4. Return the completed form to your school counselor (either via email if electronic or to their office if hard copy).

Work Based

Club Participation

Athletic Participation

Graduation Pathway Requirement 3:  Postsecondary Ready Competencies

Can be fulfilled by...

1. Academic Honors Diploma

2. ACT*

3. SAT*


5. State and Industry recognized Credential or Certification

6. Apprenticeship

7. Career-Technical Education Concentrator


9.  Locally Created Pathway

*Students need to earn a certain score