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Classes and Programs

Our curriculum employs the Socratic method and the Trivium across all subject areas. Each course is designed to build fundamental knowledge, develop the ability to reason and debate, and cultivate critical-thinking skills with the ability to articulate ideas. Our curriculum equips students with the fundamental knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in college and beyond.


All students must take:

  • Four years of Latin or two years of Latin plus two years of another language (Spanish, French)
  • Four years of each of the traditional core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies)
  • Two elective courses per semester

We offer a strong electives program in the arts, in addition to foreign languages and social sciences. We have an extensive Advanced Placement (AP) program, in core subject areas as well as electives. All students are encouraged to take at least one AP course during their four years in preparation for the rigors of college-level courses. Additionally, senior students in good academic standing can receive academic credits for an internship.