Finite Mathematics - Herron High School
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Finite Mathematics

Section #: 2530 (FINITE)

This course covers topics in finite mathematics including elementary matrix algebra, linear programming, introduction to probability, and mathematics of finance.

Finite Mathematics is an umbrella of mathematical topics. It is a course designed for students who will undertake higher-level mathematics in college that may not include calculus. Finite Math is made up of five strands: Sets, Matrices, Networks, Optimization, and Probability. The skills listed in these strands indicate what students should know and be able to do in Finite Math. The eight Process Standards for Mathematics apply throughout the course. Together with the content standards, the Process Standards prescribe that students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.

Recommended Grade Level

9, 10, 11, 12

Recommended Prerequisites

Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics III


1 to 2 semester course, 1 credit per semester, 2 credits maximum. Due to the level of rigor, it is recommended that Finite Mathematics be offered as a 2 semester, 2 credit course.

Counts as a Mathematics Course for all diplomas