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Herron High School is closed to visitors without an appointment. Masks must be worn on campus at all times.

Academic Advising

Faculty Office Hours

Students are encouraged to attend Office Hours when they need additional academic support and/or to remediate quizzes and tests. These office hours are open to all students. Students attending the morning Office Hours must arrive by 8:00 a.m. and must stay until 8:45 a.m. Students attending the afternoon Office Hours must arrive by 4:10 p.m. and may leave whenever they have received the help they need. All students must leave campus by 5:15 p.m.

Office Hours Schedule

Saturday School

In order to ensure the academic success of all Herron High School students, Herron High School offers Saturday School sessions twice a semester for students who are struggling academically. Saturday sessions are offered to help students make solid gains academically and to catch up in classes in which they are behind. Herron High School may require any student who is in high academic jeopardy to attend any Saturday School. Students may also be assigned a Saturday School for disciplinary reasons. Parents will receive multiple notifications if a student is required to attend Saturday School. Please check the school calendar for updated Saturday School schedules.


Seminars are supervised study periods and are an opportunity for students to study, complete Independent Practice, and/or remediate Mastery Assessments. The behavioral expectations for the seminars are the same as any other academic environment at HHS.

Academic Advisors

All Herron High School students are assigned an academic advisor. This advisor will assist students in developing a four-year academic plan and choosing appropriate courses as well as advising them on daily academic issues that arise.

Director of Advising: Shelby Briggs
Counselor 9th-11th Grades with Last Names L-Z:  Julia Wek
Counselor 9th-11th Grades with Last Names A-K: Jennie Kiefer
12th Grade School Counselor: Shelby Briggs

For recent academic advising news, please visit:

Student Support Presentation

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College Advising

For more information about college advising, please contact:

College and Career Readiness Counselor: Ed Roe
Registrar: Jane Hagenauer


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Help with College Planning and Financial Aid

We have partnered with INvestED to provide students and parents with free resources for college planning and financial aid.

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