Transportation - Herron High School
Herron High School Campus is currently closed. E-Learning will continue through fall break. We will return to a hybrid schedule with 1st on-campus classes beginning 10/22/20.


School Pool is an automated program of Commuter Connect to assist parents in arranging carpools for school transportation.  Commuter Connect  is a FREE and voluntary program provided by the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA).  This program establishes a confidential database for families to find other families to start a carpool.

You may register online or download a form and return it to Student Services. If you have questions, please contact Shannon Hasper at 231-0010, x1151 or by email.

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Parking Lot Traffic Flow

There are two traffic flow lines in and out of campus for drop-off and pick-up. To determine which line to use, find out where your child’s locker is located. If you have two children at Herron High School, use the youngest child’s locker location.

LINE #1: If your child’s locker is in Russell Hall (the building closest to 16th street) follow these directions:

  • Drive south on Pennsylvania Street; turn left into the Russell Hall parking lot.
  • Choose one of THREE lanes:
    • Two inside lanes for pick up and drop off
    • Outside north lane for through-traffic only
  • Drop-off/Pick-up your student(s) at the doors of Russell Hall
  • Exit left (north) on Talbott only.
  • Proceed north to 19th or 22nd streets for quickest exit of neighborhood.

LINE #2: If your child’s locker is in the Fesler (the building farthest north) or Main buildings follow these directions:

  • Drive south on Talbott; turn right into the Fesler parking lot first entrance only.
  • Approach the building using two lanes, please follow the cones and traffic flow.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up your student(s) at the doors of the Fesler building.
  • Exit left (north) onto Talbott Street.

There are NO RIGHT (SOUTH) TURNS onto Talbott Street from EITHER parking lot.

Do’s and Dont’s of Traffic Flow


  • Be patient.
  • Respect and obey traffic guards (often your child’s teacher).
  • Drive slowly and carefully to keep our students safe.
  • Approach Herron High School from the NORTH on Pennsylvania or Talbott.
  • Always use the standard flow of traffic as described above.


  • Please don’t ever drop-off or pick-up your child on Pennsylvania or Talbott Streets.
  • Especially don’t park and wait in the non-parking lanes on Talbott or Pennsylvania Streets, IMPD will ticket you.
  • Please don’t speed down Pennsylvania. IMPD frequently uses speed radar and issues tickets.
  • Do not enter Talbott Street from the South
  • Please don’t lose your patience. We will direct and move cars as safely and efficiently as possible.

Student Parking

Click on the link below for a parking pass application.

Parking Permit Application