2018-19 Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Herron High School and Riverside High School now use the OneMatch system through an organization called Enroll Indy (www.enrollindy.org) to fill freshmen spots for the 2018-19 school year.

What is OneMatch?

OneMatch is a system that streamlines the application process for students and their families. Families with an 8th grade student, applying to Indianapolis Public Schools or charter schools, can now use the OneMatch system to fill out one application with one timeline and receive one match for their students. Families use a single application to apply to up to 10 schools, instead of filling out different applications for every school they’re interested in.

Why are Herron and Riverside High Schools joining the OneMatch system?

As Herron High School gained local and national recognition for our student success, we were faced with a decision on how to make the enrollment process more equitable for all families. Our waiting list was reaching upwards of 300-400 students. The addition of our second campus, Riverside High School, helped alleviate some of the waiting list, and by partnering with Enroll Indy and using the OneMatch system, the enrollment process will be more accessible for all families. This process also helps us fulfill our mission of offering a world-class education to students from diverse populations.

When will applications be accepted?

Applications are available for the 2018-19 academic year. Families must apply online at www.enrollindy.org/apply. The link will be provided on our website or you may go directly to the Enroll Indy website. No paper applications will be available, but families who do not have access to a computer or a mobile device may come to Herron High School or Riverside High School and use the dedicated enrollment computers during school hours: 9am-4pm, Mondays-Thursdays or 10am-3pm on Fridays. To apply outside of these hours, please visit an Enroll Indy enrollment center. For more information on one of these centers, contact a member of the enrollment team.

How does the application process work?

When filling out the application, a family must create a profile which will show a student’s neighborhood or boundary school and any other participating high schools to which you can apply. Township schools and private schools have separate applications, but all IPS and most charter schools use the OneMatch application. Families may list up to ten schools they are willing to attend, although families may only list one or two if that is their preference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not willing to have your student attend a certain school, do NOT list that school just to fill the ten spaces. If your student will be applying to private schools or a district school, and Herron High School or Riverside High School are the only schools you have an interest in, then only list them, or the one you wish to attend, on the OneMatch application. This is important to note as there will be no waiting lists with the OneMatch system. The idea is to match students with the school they want the most within the system.

What if I am in an IPS school, such as CFI or Edison School of the Arts, 47, and I have a feeder high school? Can I still apply to Herron or Riverside High Schools?

Yes, if you turned in your intent to enroll at your feeder school, you may still participate in the OneMatch system and list your top choice as Herron High School or Riverside High School if you prefer to attend one of these schools over your feeder school.

What happens if I do not match to my choice?

If you do not match to one of your choices, you will default to your neighborhood or boundary school. If you are unsatisfied with that match, you may reapply, provided there are spaces still available.

When will I be notified of my match?

Families will be notified of their matches after the end of each enrollment window. A list of the remaining application and notification deadlines is below.

  • Round Two – January 16, 2018 – April 15, 2018
    • Results Released: May 2018
  • Round Three – April 16, 2018 – June 15, 2018
    • Results Released: June 30, 2018
  • Late Enrollment Begins: July 1, 2018

What steps will I need to take to secure my spot?

A timeline for securing your spot and submitting your paperwork will be detailed when you receive your match.

For more information, please contact Lynn House, Chief Enrollment Officer, Indianapolis Classical Schools – Herron High School and Riverside High School: lhouse@herronhighschool.org or 317-231-0010, x1106.