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Mandatory Remediation Policy

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Herron Classical Schools are classical, liberal arts, college preparatory schools providing a rich and rigorous curriculum. As college preparatory schools, our goal is to provide all students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in a college environment. Herron Classical Schools simulates college environments in many ways: through rigorous course content, Advanced Placement courses, dual credit courses, structured office hours and high expectations for intellectual engagement. Herron Classical Schools scholars are expected to graduate on time and attend a four-year university or college. Individualized college planning begins in the freshman year and continues throughout a student’s high school career.

Herron Classical Schools curriculum, Advanced Placement, and dual credit programs have earned national recognition for preparing scholars to succeed in college. This rigor is the result of three interwoven and equally-emphasized threads: 1) classical understanding and purpose; 2) liberal arts interconnectedness, and 3) college-preparedness. While many schools might build a mission around any one of these threads, it is Herron Classical Schools universal commitment to all three that makes it profoundly impactful and unique. Scholars are expected to graduate with an appreciation of the importance of consistency, self-discipline, intellectual curiosity, and community activism.

At Herron Classical Schools, all scholars are required to study mathematics, social studies/history, science, English/Language Arts, and Latin/World Languages for all four years of their high school education. To meet Indiana’s Core-40 graduation requirements, Herron Classical Schools scholars must meet specific credit requirements, and they must be successful on state-mandated achievement assessments.

Students come to Herron Classical Schools performing at many different levels, but every student, regardless of academic history, will have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential and excel in a rigorous academic environment. Incoming students: Due to the rigor and pace of the school’s curriculum, all incoming students will take placement exams during the spring preceding the entrance year. Herron Classical Schools utilize the NWEA screening exam that assesses prerequisite and grade-level skills for reading, writing, grammar, algebra, and geometry.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students whose placement exams and/or transcripts identify skill gaps will be required to attend one or both sessions of Summer Academy prior to the start of the regular academic year. Summer Academy offers remedial coursework in core subject areas to help prepare students for the rigorous coursework they will experience during the academic school year. Additionally, all students with identified skill gaps will be placed in support classes during the fall semester and/or receive targeted individualized academic support before, during or after the school day. Remediation needs may mean that the student’s schedule will not permit him/her to take elective courses and must attend one or both sessions of Summer Academy until the skill gaps have been remedied.

To meet the school’s culture of high expectations for student success, college acceptance, and degree attainment, Herron Classical Schools students’ academic needs will continue to be identified and regularly monitored throughout their high school years. Strategic individualized responses will be implemented for students who require academic support which may include language arts and math remediation classes during the school day, mandatory Office Hours and Summer Academy courses. Students who are not demonstrating academic success in multiple courses may also be required to attend special school sessions held periodically on Saturdays throughout the school year. Responsiveness to students with special needs will be coordinated by a team that includes Academic Advisors, High Ability Specialists, and Special Education professionals. Herron Classical Schools is committed to individual student success and will work in partnership with families to help students reach their full potential and develop the skills necessary to succeed in college. As partners, families are expected to cooperate and support this policy, including a commitment, if necessary, for student participation in remediation during Summer Academy and before and after hours programming.