Nicole Garner - Herron High School
Herron High School Campus is currently closed. E-Learning will continue through fall break. We will return to a hybrid schedule with 1st on-campus classes beginning 10/22/20.

Nicole Garner

Resource Teacher



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Associates in Business/Management, Kankakee Community College
Bachelors in Medical Sociology/minor in Philosophy, Indiana University (IUPUI)
Masters in Sociology, Indiana University (IUPUI)
Masters in Special Education, Purdue University

Clubs Sponsoring

National Honor Society

Why I Teach

I teach to empower students through education to reach their work-life goals. My students motivate me, as I learn through them in regards to challenges, perseverance, and exceeding societal expectations. I enjoy teaching at Indianapolis Classical Schools due to to diversity of students I am able to interact with and the high-level of college preparedness that our school offers.